Pentax 67 service

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Pentax 67 service of the body only includes:

Each body is fully dismantled, checked and tested.
Shutter is removed cleaned, lubricated with dry lubricant and reset.
Film advance assembly is dismantled to service the clutch.
The counter assembly is dismantled and reset.
The 1st and 2nd curtain release mechanism is reset to factory condition.
The slow shutter timer and fast shutter timer is reset to factory condition.
All light seals are replaced with closed cell foam.
Any minor issues are rectified as part of the service (excludes broken shutter, broken counter, broken clutch and broken frame spacing).
For major issues, go to the "Repair" listing.

The 21 point check includes:

  1. Mirror movement

  2. Shutter speeds

  3. Shutter curtain travel is even across the frame
  4. Frame count is 10 with 120 film
  5. Frame spacing is even across 10 frames
  6. Film advance is smooth
  7. Film advance locks after every cocking action
  8. Exposure coupling chain
  9. Stop down lever
  10. Shutter dial
  11. Focus screen is set to infinity
  12. Flash sync
  13. Film roll locks
  14. Frame counter resets to zero when opening the Back
  15. Battery terminals
  16. Battery chamber
  17. Slow and fast shutter timer
  18. Solenoid
  19. Meter coupling contacts
  20. Screws and fasteners
  21. Leatherettes
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Weight 1.876000
Format 6x7
Warranty 3 mths
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